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Sony 72V 15Ah LiPo

Sony 72V 15Ah LiPo

Cell type : Original A grade high quality cells LG or Panasonic

Nominal Voltage: 72V
Capacity: 15Ah
Cell max discharge current: 8C
Cell max discharge current: 120A
Cell max charge current: 24A
Maximum charge voltage: 84V
Cut of voltage: 60V
BMS: on board > cell balancing, over and under voltage protection, over current protection, short cut protection

BMS 70A:

  • 70A continues discharge current
  • 15A continues charge current

BMS 100A:

  • 100A continues dischare current
  • 24A continues charge current

Cycle Life: 500 cycles
Weight: 6kg
Dimensions: 14,3 x 15,8 x 21,5cm

Technische fiches (pdf)
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