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Thun torque sensor

Thun torque sensor

We don't suply the THUN sensor anymore, instead we offer the NCTE torque sensors see : NCTE sensors


With and X-CELL RT we have managed to integrate hi-end PCME sensor technology into the inner bearings and in doing so, have also made it invisible, thus ensuring perfect protection against environmental influences (vibrations, oil, water, dust…). As such, the sensor technology is low maintenance, does not age and does not have to be recalibrated each time after the pedelec is transported or each journey. The measuring of the signals is made possible using this technology – equipment which is also used in Formula 1 under the toughest environmental conditions.

High data density and accurate signals are a requirement for hi-end pedelec control. In turn, this is a requirement for smooth and harmonious pedelec cycling. In addition, the signal measurement process hardly consumes electricity, a factor which has a positive effect on the range.

Other advantages of the sensory inner bearings include quick and intuitive assembly as well as the high level of compatibility with the various frames and systems. Many variants are possible, both in terms of the shafts as well as cabling and plugs.

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